Fraser Shores Shopping Complex, 20/79 Boat Harbour Drive, Hervey Bay

Unique Touch



Relaxation Massage: Gentle relaxation massage given in comforting environment to remove the stress and tension from the muscles. Warm organic coconut oil will be used, and every part of the body will be massaged to restore inner balance and harmony for well-being.


30 minute Relaxation Massage..................$40.00

60 minute Relaxation Massage..................$65.00

90 minute Relaxation Massage..................$90.00


Aroma Therapy Massage:  Essential oils are used for massage to give you full benefit. Aromatic oil and our unique massage technique improve circulation, promote relaxation and relieve muscle pain.  This massage stimulates the nervous system and restores physical and emotional balance.


30-minute Aroma Therapy Massage...........$50.00

60-minute Aroma Therapy Massage...........$75.00

90-minute Aroma Therapy Massage...........$95.00


Stone Therapy Massage: This treatment starts with gentle stretches and a relaxation massage to warm up the muscle and tissue. Eve Taylor’s aromatherapy oil containing lemon and ylang-ylang help to counteract negative mental stress and promotes relaxation. You will be massaged with warm stones as an extension of your therapist’s hands. This treatment gives you deeper relaxation inside and out, opens nerve congestion and warms up tight muscles.Chilled marbles are used for the face area providing multiple benefits for the body.  This massage provides deep relaxation, releases tension, reduces swelling and inflammation due to scar tissue, decreases deep muscle soreness and draws excess heat away from the body. This is very beneficial in managing anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure and sinusitis.


60 minute Stone Therapy Massage...........$85.00

90 minute Stone Therapy Massage...........$110.00


Hot Oil Scalp Treatment: This heavenly treatment begins with applying warm organic coconut oil on the scalp. The scalp, neck and shoulder are massaged in a circular rhythmical movement for 35 min. The head is then covered with the steamed towel and placed into the steamer for 10 minutes to complete the treatment. This treatment calms the mind, provides deep relaxation, relieves muscular discomfort, improves circulation and enhances the senses and promotes clear thinking. The benefit of this treatment includes slowing down the greying process, promoting the growth of hair and conditioning the hair and scalp.


45 minute Hot Oil Scalp Treatment...........$55.00

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