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Hands & Feet Treatments


Express manicure:  Remove nail polish, trim and tidy of nails and cuticles, followed by a gentle relaxing hand massage.  Finish with your choice of nail polish.

Spa Pedicure:  Remove nail polish, trim and tidy of nails and cuticles. Callous removal and exfoliation followed by gentle relaxing foot massage and finish with your choice of nail polish.

Hot oil treatment: After cleaning skin and nails, a nourishing sweet almond oil enriched with vitamin E will be applied and massaged over hands/ feet. Hands / feet are wrapped in a plastic protective covering and are then placed into electrically heated mitts/ booties for approximately 10- 15 min. This treatment is recommended for   dehydrated skin and brittle nails, especially after removal of artificial nails.

Paraffin treatment:  This luxury treatment is performed after completing a manicure/pedicure procedure.  Hands/ feet are coated with warm paraffin wax enriched with vitamin E  and are wrapped in a plastic protective covering before placing into electrically heated mitts/ booties for approximately  15 min. This treatment is recommended for clients with lack of circulation, dehydrated skin, joint or muscular pain.

Facial Treatments

The Moment_Treatment

Express facial Treatment : Half an hour refreshing facial leaves your skin brighter and clearer with a youthful glow.. Treatment includes steaming, double cleanse, exfoliation, complex, mask, toner, eye cream, lip balm, moisturiser and sunscreen

Hydrating facial Treatment : Excellent  treatment  for dry, dehydrated, tight and flaky skin. Ultra hydrating treatment delivers the necessary ingredients creating soft, smooth and supple skin. Minimises wrinkle and fine lines

Purifying facial Treatment : A deep cleansing facial perfect for oily/acne prone skin. Remove sebum collection and impurities from the skin surface. Creates clear brighter complexion and rebalances the skin

Ultra – calming facial Treatment : Prefect treatment for irritated, reactive and sensitised skin.  Our range of ultra-calming products containing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties are used to control redness, itchiness, inflammation and burning

Age smart facial Treatment :  This treatment is perfect for clients of all ages, those who suffer from  sun damage, wrinkles, pre- mature ageing and loss of skin tone. This treatment helps control the biochemical triggers that lead to skin ageing and improves skin tone and elasticity. Provides nourishment and creates a firm, smooth, regenerated and energised complexion

MediBac  Clearing  facial Treatment : Purifying, detoxifying professional treatment that promotes breakout clearing. The MediBac clearing range consists of anti-bacterial ingredients.  Suitable for oily, breakouts, stressed and congested skin

Body Treatments


Body exfoliation: This treatment starts with dry body brushing  and body exfoliation  using body scrub containing papaya enzymes and rice bran. This dramatically smooths, polishes and energises all skin types and conditions.  The treatment concludes with a customised massage using Dermalogica body hydrating cream helping smooth and relieves skin dryness with lactic acid and natural hydroxy acid.

Mineral salt therapy: This treatment starts with dry body brushing and body exfoliation using mineral l salt scrub Salt Scrub contains essential oil lavender and cedar wood help to purify, polishes, revitalized and re mineralise the all skin types and conditions.

Body wrap: This treatment begins with dry body brushing with wooden brush followed by body exfoliation using Dermalogica body scrubbing products containing oatmeal and rice bran. This is excellent for removing debris and dead skin cells from the body. Exfoliation with a warm steam towel providing a very relaxing sensation and increasing blood circulation throughout the body.  Your body will be wrapped with clay masque containing seaweed and white tea antioxidants drawing out the impurities from the body and adding antioxidants to skin cells. The wrap is removed with a  steamed towel and is followed by Dermalogica body hydrating cream helping smooth and relieve skin dryness with lactic acid and natural hydroxy acid



Relaxation massage: Gentle relaxation massage given in comforting environment to remove the stress and tension from the muscles. Warm organic coconut oil will be used and every part of the body will be massaged to restore inner balance and harmony for well-being.

Aroma therapy massage:  Essential oils are used for massage to give you complete benefit. Aromatic oil and our unique massage technique improve circulation, promote relaxation and relieve muscle pain.  This massage stimulates the nervous system and restores physical and emotional balance.

Stone therapy massage: This treatment starts with gentle stretches and a relaxation massage to warm up the muscle and tissue. Eve Taylor’s aromatherapy oil containing lemon and ylang-ylang help to counteract negative mental stress and promotes relaxation. You will be massaged with warm stones as an extension of your therapist’s hands. This treatment gives you deeper relaxation inside and out, opens nerve congestion and warms up tight muscles.Chilled marbles are used for the face area providing multiple benefits for body.  This massage provides deep relaxation, releases tension, reduces swelling and inflammation due to scar tissue, decreases deep muscle soreness and draws excess heat away from the body. This is very beneficial in managing anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure and sinusitis.

Hot oil scalp treatment: This heavenly treatment begins with applying warm organic coconut oil on the scalp. The scalp, neck and shoulder are massaged in circular rhythmical movement for 35 min. The head is then covered with steamed towel and placed into steamer for 10 minutes to complete the treatment. This treatment calms the mind, provides deep relaxation, relieves muscular discomfort, improves circulation and enhances the senses and promotes clear thinking. The benefit of this treatment includes slowing down the greying process, promoting growth of hair and conditioning the hair and scalp…………………………..$50.00 (45 min.)

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